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Merrill area Concert Association

The Merrill Area Concert Association formed in November 1967 with the purpose of bringing professional Performances to the greater Merrill community.  We bring community members together with businesses to present high quality live concerts at affordable prices.  


Merrill area Concert Association

The Merrill Area Concert Association formed in November 1967 with the purpose of bringing professional Performances to the greater Merrill community.  We bring community members together with businesses to present high quality live concerts at affordable prices.  

the community concert series


A membership to MACA isn't just a ticket to one performance—it's your "season pass" to all of our concerts.  By joining the association, you join an organization that has been bringing high-quality performances to Merrill for 50 years.  It's a way that our local community can access outstanding professional talent without going too far from home.

We have been so fortunate over the years to be able to host our performances at the Merrill High School Auditorium and the Prairie River Middle School Auditorium.  Our organization has been proud to have worked with our local schools over the many years, assisting with funding special projects and upgrades, providing support and advice, and overall promoting the arts within the schools.  




Due to how we book our performers, we share our Merrill performances with our neighboring Concert Associations in Medford and Antigo.  This in turn means with your membership card you are entitled to attend performances in Antigo and Medford.  Many of our members have taken advantage of this over the years, which means for just one price, they can attend up to 14, 15 or even 16 concerts (depending on the season).  Occasionally a group that is performing in Merrill one night will perform in Antigo or Medford the following night—this has been a very appreciated opportunity as this gives our members another chance to see a great performance, or another option to see a show if by chance they have a schedule conflict.

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Your membership card is your ticket to the event!


For just one price—once a season—you can see one, two, or all of our concerts.  Joining late is always a possibility as memberships can be purchased throughout the season.  There's always a great show coming, so there is always a good time to sign up.

2019-20 Season Rates

  • $47 Adult

  • $18 Student (defined as traditional college-aged and younger)

  • $115 Family (parents and their children who are college-aged and younger)


Membership Questions


If you have questions about membership, have lost your membership card (oh no!), or are interested in purchasing a membership, please call 715-252-6295 or email (or fill out our contact form) and we will get back to you!

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What does a ticket cost after I purchase a membership?

Your membership is your 'ticket' to the performances.  A card is issued to each purchaser, and entitles you to entrance to as many or as few concerts as you choose to go to.

I can't find my membership card—do I need to purchase a new one?

No!  Another bonus to purchasing a membership—we keep track of your data so that if your membership is ever lost (or found) we can easily replace or return it to you.

I missed the first concert...can I still purchase my membership?  (or.... I told my friends about the first concert and now they want to join... can they?)

Yes, absolutely.

I'm really only interested in one concert, what is the cost to go to only one concert?

The same as the regular membership cost—we don't sell per concert.  We're able to keep both our membership prices and expenses low by spreading out costs over the whole season.




Need more information?  Have a question?  Interested in becoming more involved?  Have a comment?

Please let us know!

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Performances are primarily held at the Merrill High School Auditorium, although when schedule conflicts arise, we are able to use the Prairie River Middle School auditorium.  We are very fortunate to have two large auditoriums with fine acoustics to host our performances!



1201 N. Sales Street   Merrill, WI  54452

Parking available off County Road G; auditorium access via door #16.




106 N Polk St   Merrill, WI  54452

Parking available north and south of the building; access the auditorium via door #16 from the North (pool entrance) and door #22 from the South (off Hwy 64).


Board of Directors

Board of Directors

2019-20 Board of Directors

Diane Schult, President

Board member since 2016.

Maggie Marquis, Vice-President

Board member since 2002.

Chad Premeau, Secretary 

Formerly a music educator in the Merrill area and a theater technician at the Performing Arts Foundation, Chad is currently the Concert Band Director and Applied Brass Instructor at UW-Marathon County in Wausau.  Board Secretary since 1987. Board member since 1983.

Sarah Litzer, Treasurer

Sarah has lived all over the Midwest, settling in Merrill.  She enjoys an impossible variety of music, and has a diverse musical background.  She works as a German translator, working primarily with historical documents.  Board member since 2014.

Helene Ader  

Helene has been part of the Merrill music scene for over 50 years and was choral director at Merrill High School twice, spending the in-between years raising two daughters and teaching private voice lessons.  She served as president of the board three times, and was the second chair of the Patron Drive committee—leading the group's fundraising efforts for 12 years.  Board member since the 1970's. (Before 1975)

Eve Akey  

Eve is currently a junior at Merrill High School, and is a student member.  Board member since 2018.

Jim Becker

Jim lives in Weston with his wife Natalie, and has three grown children.  He has worked as a pharamcist in Merrill for the last 12 years, and can currently be found at Young's Drug Store in Merrill.  In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, biking, camping and reading, and when the snow flies partakes in skiing and snowshoeing.  Board member since 2015.

James Bjorklund

The other Jim B on the board.  Has been seen fighting windmills as Don Miguel de Cervantes, and is currently arguing to keep the abolishment of slavery out of the Declaration of Independence.  Board member since 2012.

Meagan Cihlar

Meagan moved to Merrill in 2005 and currently works for GI Associates as a Medical Records Technician.  She enjoys playing music in a number of area groups and gardening.  Board member since 2004. 

Mark Czech

Mark and his wife Dawn have lived in the town of Hamburg since 1988.  Their family currently consists of three adult boys and two daughters-in-law.  He has been employed way Wausau Financial Systems for 12 years.  He enjoys family, running, the outdoors, sports, and music.  Board member since 2015.

Jo Henrichs

Board member since 2018.

Ed Kemery

Board member since 2019.

Barb Plonsky-Koehler

Barb was born and raised in California, and moved to Wisconsin to go to nursing school. While at school, she met her husband—who is from Merrill—and has lived here ever since.  Retired from her career as a nurse at Lincoln Hills School, Barb is on a trial run of “retirement with free time,” succeeding occasionally.  She enjoys meeting and working with people, and enjoys a wide variety of music—especially live performances.  "Every day is a gift."  Board member since 2011.

Cindy Koehler 

Cindy is a longtime resident of the Merrill area.  She is active on the Merrill music scene, involving herself with many different types of musical groups, and she met her husband with the Merrill Marching Band.  She can be found in the Physical Therapy Department at Marshfield Clinic—Merrill Center.  She enjoys gardening, spray painting her lawn, cooking, and taking care of her tropical fish, Carl.  Board Member since 2009. 

John Kuester

Board member since 2018.

Katie Livingston

Katie is a life long resident of Merrill.  She has a private music studio, offering piano lessons to children and adults for 37 years.  She has served as a WMTA district auditions chair and adjudicator for piano competitions around the state for the past 29 years.  She loves nature, gardening and taking long walks with her silver goldendoodle.  She is proud to be a part of MACA and the Merrill community.  Board Member since 2001.

Chris Malm

Board member since 2017.

Ruth Ann Markewycz

Ruth Ann worked in Madison in banking and title insurance.  Now, retired with her husband Yurgen, she moved back to her hometown of Merrill and couldn't be happier to be here.  Board member since 2013.

Jeanne Nienow

Board member since 2019.

Dee Olsen

Dee is the Executive Director of the Merrill Area United Way.  Board member since 2016.

Jean Ravn

Jean and her husband Mike are lifelong residents of Merrill, and have raised 4 daughters.  Jean formerly worked for Church Mutual Insurance Company for 38 years.  She enjoys walking, traveling, music, theater, and is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church.  She actively volunteers in the community in many areas.  Board members since 2012.

Craig Rezin  

Craig and his wife Sharon have lived in the Merrill area since 1984, raising two children.  He is self employed at Rezin Optical LLC as a Certified Optician and enjoys motorcycling and various other sporting activities, along with several different musical genres.  Board member since 2011.

Kay Tautges

Board member since 2019.

Maxine Tlusty

Maxine is proud to serve on the MACA Board of Directors!  She lives in Merrill with her husband, Jay, and daughter, Michelle.  She enjoys music, playing guitar and violin, and works part time at Kate Goodrich Elementary School.  In her free time, she enjoys her pets and spending time with her family.  Board member since 2008. 

Maria Volpe

Board member since 2019.

Standing Committees

Membership, Chaired by Meagan Cihlar

Coordinates and executes the sale of annual memberships to new and returning members.  The membership committee begins the cycle by mailing the membership fliers and collects dues in exchange for the annual membership cards.  Typically a year-round-working-committee, Membership involves a lot of hands-on work with mailings as well as calls out to members.

Patron Drive, Chaired by Jean Ravn

The Patron Drive committee works to solicit contributions from businesses in the community, members of MACA as well as members of the general public.  Funds collected during the Patron Drive go toward funding talent/artists/performers for the following season.

Publicity, Chaired by Jim Becker and Cindy Koehler

Promotion of Concert Association through press releases, ads and posters throughout Merrill and the surrounding areas.  Committee Duties: Draft and distribute press releases with photos for all concerts.  Develop and execute ads for membership drive.  Distribute posters for all concerts and season concert series.  Explore other promotional avenues as applicable.

Program & Usher, Chaired by Katie Livingston

Offers a great opportunity to greet the public and welcome everyone to our fine facilities for a night of musical entertainment.  We hear many great comments regarding the quality and diversity of programs.  Suggestions from members are always welcome and serve as a barometer for future programs.

Stage & Artist, Chaired by Chad Premeau

Coordinates and assists our performers before, during and after the performances.

Hospitality, Chaired by Barb Plonsky-Koehler

The goal of the Hospitality Committee is to make the artists feel welcome by providing snacks and/or meals prior to performances.  Artists make this requests for food and beverages in writing in advance of the concert date and members of the committee shop, prepare the items, set the food up and welcome the artists.  Hospitality also provides for MACA board/artist receptions—pleasant social gatherings each where the artists are invited to a hors d'oeuvres or dessert buffet after their concert.

Nominating, Chaired by Katie Livingston

Reaches out to the public and seeks members of the community with a sincere interest in music and its impact on our lives, no matter what age. We strive to bring new people on board with fresh ideas, enthusiasm and a willingness to be involved in the behind the scenes work required to providing great entertainment for our community and beyond. 

Audit, Chaired by Mark Czech

Meets with Board Treasurer once a year to verify and approve of records.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Lobby Sales, Chaired by Craig Rezin

Responsible for assisting our concert series with the sale of CDs, shirts, etc during intermission and following the concerts.  We collect 10% of the sales for our coffers which goes in the general fund.