• Merrill High School (map)
  • Merrill, WI

Great fun and entertainment—a variety show for the holidays!

New Odyssey (3 Guys-30 Instruments) is a cover band from Chicago playing all types of music from across the decades including today’s top hits. These songs are performed on 30 different musical instruments including an accordion, sousaphone, melodica, banjo, bass trumpets and pocket trumpets. 

The key to making every performance a memorable experience is a combination of fun, audience interaction, offbeat light humor, attention–to-detail arrangements and an all-age appeal. Your grandparents will have as much fun as your kids!

New Odyssey has been together over thirty years. The secret to their success is their ability to adapt to any and every audience.  From performing arts theaters and corporate events to festival beer tents, New Odyssey is prepared for anything! While using the latest technology and equipment, they are constantly updating their material and creating timeless musical compositions that surprise and delight everyone.

New Odyssey will simply mesmerize you. Classic rock, country, novelty and specialty arrangements are all the calling card of this must see group. Three Guys, Thirty Instruments.   New Odyssey.  The most unique act on the circuit.