Membership to the Merrill Area Concert Association

The Community Concert Series

A membership to MACA isn't just a ticket to one performance—it's your "season pass" to all of our concerts.  By joining the association, you join an organization that has been bringing high-quality performances to Merrill for 50 years.  It's a way that our local community can access outstanding professional talent without going too far from home.

We have been so fortunate over the years to be able to host our performances at the Merrill High School Auditorium and the Prairie River Middle School Auditorium.  Our organization has been proud to have worked with our local schools over the many years, assisting with funding special projects and upgrades, providing support and advice, and overall promoting the arts within the schools.  


Due to how we book our performers, we share our Merrill performances with our neighboring Concert Associations in Medford and Antigo.  This in turn means with your membership card you are entitled to attend performances in Antigo and Medford.  Many of our members have taken advantage of this over the years, which means for just one price, they can attend up to 14, 15 or even 16 concerts (depending on the season).  Occasionally a group that is performing in Merrill one night will perform in Antigo or Medford the following night—this has been a very appreciated opportunity as this gives our members another chance to see a great performance, or another option to see a show if by chance they have a schedule conflict.

Your membership card is your ticket into the event!

For just one price—once a season—you can see one, two, or all of our concerts.  Joining late is always a possibility as memberships can be purchased throughout the season.  There's always a great show coming, so there is always a good time to sign up.

2017-18 Season Rates

  • $45 Adult
  • $18 Student (defined as traditional college-aged and younger)
  • $115 Family (parents and their children who are college-aged and younger)


There are a few dates left for the 16-17 season.  Click here to view.

You can read more about the Antigo Concert Association on their website.  The Medford Association does not have a website.

Membership Questions

If you have questions about membership, have lost your membership card (oh no!), or are interested in purchasing a membership, please call 715-252-6295 or email (or fill out our contact form) and we will get back to you!

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