Frequently Asked Questions


What does a ticket cost after I purchase a membership?

Your membership is your 'ticket' to the performances.  A card is issued to each purchaser, and entitles you to entrance to as many or as few concerts as you choose to go to.

I can't find my membership card—do I need to purchase a new one?

No!  Another bonus to purchasing a membership—we keep track of your data so that if your membership is ever lost (or found) we can easily replace or return it to you.

I missed the first concert...can I still purchase my membership?  (or.... I told my friends about the first concert and now they want to join... can they?)

Yes, absolutely.

I'm really only interested in one concert, what is the cost to go to only one concert?

The same as the regular membership cost (i.e. we don't sell by the concert).  We're able to keep both our membership prices and expenses low by spreading out costs over the whole season. 

Comments?  Questions?  

Please contact us!  If you are interested in receiving one of our season fliers or wish to be added to our mailing list, please include your postal address. 

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