17-18 Season Membership Campaign!

On March 29 fliers for the 2017-18 season started hitting mailboxes!  We have an exciting mix of big band jazz, tributes to broadway and Simon & Garfunkel, a piano/violin duo with a pop/classical angle, and an a cappella vocal group.  Check out our 17-18 season page for more details on the groups.

If you didn't receive your flier—or want to receive one—please utilize our contact form (or email MerrillConcerts@gmail.com) and we'll send one out to you.

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Concertgoers in Merrill were treated to a witty and enthusiastic performance by a great bunch of lads  this past Tuesday at the Merrill High School Auditorium.  They showed their depth of knowledge on the Ukulele—32 plucking years and still going—as well as an amazing ability to interweave their voices in the most intricate layers on...wait for it... pop tunes!  An equivalent would be JS Bach and Kids hit the road with ukuleles and impersonated the "Greatest Hits of the 1790s."  

Overall, a thoroughly excellent show...and we were so glad to kick off their 2017 US Tour!  If you ever get a chance to see them, TAKE IT!


Maniacal 4

How best to describe this group?  A young group of gentlemen trombone players—as described by Sarah the “best looking we’ve ever had”—who’ve played together for more than 12 years.  They were incredibly dynamic players, had amazing and impressive technique, and their balanced blend of sound was absolutely amazing to hear.  The descriptions of the types of trombones was a great fit for all the audience.  They were good storytellers, however a few too many stories to the point that the audience grew anxious to hear them play.  Their modern arrangements were wonderful showpieces for an instrument known in some circles as the "sackbutt."  They would be great to have back in Merrill again after they get a few more years of experience.  All in all, another great artist for Merrill's season.

Jim Witter's "The Piano Men"

It's hard to know where to start with describing Jim Witter's "Piano Men" show—there are too many positives to list here!  Our audience journeyed back to the 70s in Jim Witter's time machine and enjoyed every minute of it, really taking in the various commercial flashbacks and stories from "back in the day."  Jim even gave us all an explanation of "Snowballing"—something truly Canadian!

It's always great to hear from our audiences that they enjoyed the performance, but after this concert we had so many tell us that it was the "best ever" performance they came to.  With as polished as the tunes were, as professional as Jim and his band were, and as personable as they came across on stage, it was the kind of performance that drew you in from the first tune and refused to let you go at the end.  At the audience's insistence, Jim Witter & company gave us a few great encores, ending the show with a little-known one-man-piano tune.

We also need to acknowledge our audience volunteers who helped out with "Crocodile Rock"—because without them, those of us who don't want to be on stage would have had to be onstage!  So, a big thank you to Chris Mahner and his daughter Faustina, Dan and Margaret Higginbotham, and Michelle Tlusty.

15-16 Season Kicking off soon!

Just a quick word to announce the start of the 15-16 season.  In just a couple weeks we'll be hosting The Piano Men, a tribute to the music of Elton John and Billy Joel.  There is still time to purchase your membership if you haven't done so yet.  Looking forward to a great year!

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